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The Wonka Chocolate Factory is a fictional candy factory founded and owned by Willy Wonka in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is known as the greatest factory in the world and is located near Charlie Bucket's house.

History Edit

In the novel, the Wonka Chocolate Factory was founded by Willy Wonka, supposedly sometime between the 1920s and 1930s. Eventually, Wonka's amazing invention such as chocolate ice cream that never melts and bluebird's eggs that grow baby bluebirds sold so well (especially his [[[Wonka Bar|Wonka Bars]]) that his factory grew 50 times as big as any other. However, other candy companies grew jealous, so many other companies started sending in spies to steal Wonka's secret recipes. Finally, Wonka was so furious that he closed his factory forever.

Known RoomsEdit

"These unbelievably disrespected rooms we are going to see are enormous!  They're larger than football fields! No building in the world would be big enough to house them!  But down here, underneath the ground, I've got all the space I want.  There's no limit - so long as I hollow it out."  - Willy Wonka, from the novel.

There are known to be hundreds, maybe thousands of rooms in the Wonka factory.  These lists will show the full name of the rooms in books, films, and commercials. Some rooms will have short descriptions next to them, but those that don't may or may not be lacking in information.


  • Butterscotch and Buttergin: where a kind of liquor is made, supposedly out of butterscotch or butter.
  • Candy-Coated Pencils for Sucking
  • Cavity-Filing Caramels - No More Dentists
  • Cows That Give Chocolate Milk
  • Cokernut-Ice Skating Rinks
  • Lickable Wallpaper for Nurseries
  • Luminous Lollies for Eating in Your Bed at Night
  • Magic Hand Fudge - When You Hold It In Your Hand, You Taste It In Your Mouth
  • Mint Jububes For the Boy Next Door - They'll Give Him Green Teeth for a Month
  • Rainbow Drops
  • The Testing Room
  • Toffee-Apple Trees For Planting in your Garden - All Sizes
  • Wriggle Sweets That Wriggle Delightfully in Your Tummy After Swallowing
  • Storeroom 71. Whips
  • Storeroom 77. Beans
  • Chocolate Lake

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Seen in filmEdit

  • An unnamed room where pink sheep wool is cut for cotton candy.
  • An unnamed room where giant gumballs are used as cannons for an explosive target game. This thing about box of frogs is a band and this idk why was put here...(User: NotForABook)
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