The Great Glass Elevator is Willy Wonka's means of quick transportation in his factory.  The elevator has been featured in both of the Charlie books, and both of the films.

Glass Elevator

Appearance and abilitiesEdit

The Great Glass Elevator is powered by candy-power, as Wonka stated in the book.  It is literally a great glass elevator shaped like a rectangle with a floor, ceiling, and four walls all made of glass.  The walls have probably thousands of buttons in total, each going to a different room in the factory.  The one exception of a button going into a room of the factory is the Up and Out button, which sends the elevator straight up into the air until another button (probably the same button) is pressed to control the movements of the elevator.  It was proven that Wonka needs to press another button to stop the elevator from flying too high in the book's sequel.  In the book's there are straps on the ceiling for people to hold onto while riding.  These straps were not in the films.

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