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The Bucket's House is the house that Charlie Bucket and his family live in in the novels Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and in the two film adaptations.

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In the original novel, the Bucket's House was a large house composed of 27 rooms. Charlie's old grandparents slept on the one of the many beds in the house in it's infinite rooms, and were far too tired to exit from the bed. Charlie, Mr. Bucket and Mrs. Bucket all slept in their own custom rooms. It is possible there is 2 kitchens in the house, and that the laundry was done with a machine. And it travels through time and space.


1971 Film[]

In the 1971 film, the Bucket's house has a black-and-white television set. Unlike the original novel, Charlie and his mother whose husband passed away have their own beds.

2005 Film[]

In the film, the house is very representative toward the book, except Charlie has no hair or money.