Runts are a candy from Nestle's Wonka Candy Company. 


Runts are small, crunchy and fruity candies that are shaped like the fruit that correspond to their flavor.  Runts do not come in bags of one flavor each; they come in bags with all of the flavors instead.

The current five flavors of Runts are Banana (Yellow), Grape (Purple), Orange (Orange), Strawberry (Red), Green Apple (Green).

Banana, orange and strawberry have been included in Runts since the candy's debut lineup, which also included Lime (Green), and Cherry (Red). In the late nineties, Watermelon (Green) and Blue Raspberry (Blue) were added, and Lime was removed. In 2007, the two newest flavors, as well as Cherry, were removed and replaced by Mango and Pineapple. In 2009, the two newest flavors were again replaced by Grape and Green apple.

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