The Nut Room, as seen in the 2005 film.

The Nut Room is one of the many rooms in the Wonka Chocolate Factory.  This is the very room in which Veruca had her accident in the book and 2005 film.

Inside the RoomEdit

The Nut Room is where Willy Wonka has trained squirrels to get nuts out of their shells whole, because Wonka insists upon using whole nuts and squirrels are, according to Wonka, are the only creatures on Earth who can get nuts out of their shells without cracking them.  There are 100 tubes for each of the 100 squirrels.  These tubes spout nutshells for the squirrels to test the nuts and check if they are good or bad by tapping them on the table.  If they are bad nuts, the nut will make a hollow sound when tapped on the table, and the squirrel will throw the nut into the giant garbage chute in the middle of the room that leads to the incinerator.  It is not known who trained these squirrels.

Veruca's DescentEdit

When Veruca broke inside the room to try and grab a squirrel to keep as a pet, 99 of the squirrels jumped on her limbs and pinned her down.  The one remaining squirrel, the leader, tapped on her hollow head and ordered her to be thrown down the chute in the belief that Veruca was a bad nut, with her parents following her.


  • The Nut Room was replaced with the room with The Geese That lay Golden Eggs Room in the 1971 film.
  • This is also where Veruca Salt was gone from the tour. Because she wants a pet squirrel from this room. Well anyway she gave up. The squirrels attacked her anyway.
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