Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Mr. Salt
Mr. Salt
is the father of the bratty girl, Veruca Salt.  Mr. Salt has spent Veruca's childhood spoiling her and giving her everything and anything she wanted.

History (contains spoilers)Edit

In the book and films, Mr. Salt is the owner of a large nut factory where hundreds of women spend all day getting nuts out of shells.  Veruca told her father that she absolutely must have a Golden Ticket.  He then bought thousands and thousands of Wonka Bars and had the women take the wrappers off the candy bars in hopes of a Golden Ticket.  After three days, one of Mr. Salt's employees found the ticket and it was given to Veruca. who later took both of her parents (only Mr. Salt in the films) the Wonka's Factory.  In the Nut Room, Veruca was dragged by squirrels to the garbage chute to the incinerator where she could've been "sizzled like a sausage."  Her parents tried to find her in the chute in hopes that Veruca was stuck, only to be pushed down by a single squirrel.  They later came out of the factory unharmed, but covered in garbage.  Hopefully, they have learned a valuable lesson in raising children.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Salt has been depicted as a chubby bald man throughout novel illustrations and the 1971 film. He either has minimal facial hair, or absolutely none at all. In the 2005 film, Mr. Salt is depicted as a tall and well-fit business man with a full head of white hair.

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