Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe Bucket is a 96 1/2 year old character in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  He is the grandfather of Charlie Bucket.  Grandpa Joe is notable for his great knowledge of Willy Wonka and his factory.

History (will contain spoilers)Edit

In the book and films, Grandpa Joe was the oldest of Charlie's four grandparents. All four had not been out of their bed in twenty years. This changed when Charlie found his Golden Ticket, and Grandpa Joe was so excited that he jumped out of bed and did a dance. He went with Charlie to the factory and took the whole tour until Charlie was the only child left who didn't fall victim to a seemingly dangerous accident. Charlie, Grandpa Joe, and Wonka all went inside the Great Glass Elevator and Wonka pressed the Up and Out button to send the elevator through the roof of the factory and flying in the air to go and gather Charlie's family, because Charlie had won the factory.

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