Sluggworth with Ficklegruber are two of the main competiters of Willy Wonka

1971 MovieEdit

In the 1971 movie Oscar Sluggworth appears beside each Golden Tickets winner and offers 10,000 currency in return for a everlasting gobbstopper; of the five children the only ones who responded to the bribe offer are Veruca Salt who lies when she says she wont give a gobbstopper to Sluggworth and Mike Teavee whose mother advises him to keep his eyes open and his mouth shut; Augustus Gloop doesn't receive a gobbstopper since he literaly ate himself out of the tour; it is unknwon if Violet Beauregarde was favorable to the Bribe; Charlie Bucket is tempted to give the gobbstopper to Sluggworth after the Fizzy Lifting Drinks episode after it seems his hopes of receiving candy are dashed on the advice of an angry Grandpa Joe; however Charlie returns his gabbstopper; Wonka apologies and explains that "Sluggworth' was actually his employee Wilkinson--the bribe offer was a test of moral charatcher-which implies that even if the Fizzy Lifting Drinks episode hadn't occurred. Wonka would have pretended to be angry with Charlie in any case in order to test him--in order to find a worthy heir to the Chocolate Factory and to care for the Oompa-Loompas

Sluggworth/Wilkinson was played by German Actor Gunther Meisner

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