Augustus Gloop is a character from the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the two films based on the book.  Augustus is portrayed as an enormous kid whose hobbie is eating.


History (contains spoilers)Edit

Augustus is the first winner of a Golden Ticket out of the five children.  In the 2005 film, Augustus accidentally bit the corner of the ticket off while eating the Wonka bar. He went to Wonka's factory with the accompaniment of his two parents (only his mother in the films).

When the entire group of people went into The Chocolate Room, Wonka introduced them to the giant chocolate waterfall, which Augustus started to drink from while Veruca Salt was screaming about wanting an Oompa-Loompa for her own.  Wonka and Augustus' parents told him to stop, but he didn't. As a result, he falls into the waterfall and got sucked into a pipe that goes to The Fudge Room. Augustus' weight blocked the chocolate from going in the pipe at first, but the pressure built up and sent Augustus shooting through the pipe like a bullet while his mother screamed her lungs off. Augustus came out of the fudge room thinner, and hopefully taught not to be a glutton in the experience he had in the factory.

Also, in the 2005 film, he is seen to be rude to Charlie—when he offers him a bar of his chocolate, he yanked the chocolate away and says that Charlie should've bought some for himself.


In the ending of the book, Augustus goes off with his parents with a truckload of Wonka candy; the only change is that he is thin as a straw after being squeezed in the pipe; in the 1971 movie when Charlie asks Wonka about Augustus, Wonka remarks that Augustus will be his normal nasty self..but maybe in a little wiser. In the 2005 movie Augustus has been turned into a chocolate human.